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Originally Posted by willx View Post
^ Agree. Here's a somewhat "random" game in the KT where "up and over, boys!" works the way it's supposed to, in that people panic seeing an enemy heavy smash through -- note I distracted them enough that they totally ignore the 1% IS-6 that is clobbering them..

It's not impressive from a kills or damage perspective at all, but it was one of those times where things clicked and it was kind of neat to behold! I dub it, Charge of the Bengal Tiger!
That kind of thing reminds me of the beta days when you would sometimes see people in the Elefant. I remember one time an Elefant just straight up charged all by himself and there was nothing that could be done to stop him. The Elefant in beta was so viciously gunned and thickly armored that it was literally like watching a container ship going in for the kill.

Now that is how you work a super-heavy tank.
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