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I just got the KV-1S yesterday, and wow does it suck. When the 50% crew does manage to hit something, the stock gun simply bounces. I have the 122 from the KV-1 researched and ready to install, however, I spent nearly everything I had just to get the KV-1S. I'm going to have to raise money with other tier 5s and 6s to be able to afford some of the upgrades I've already researched and get the crew trained to 75%. We'll see how effective it will be after that.

Endless "Grinding" Soul
Hey man, don't knock the KV-1S. It's one of my favorite tanks in the game!

... To shoot at in my Churchill.

Once you start derping out the gun on the KV-1S it becomes a lot more effective. The KV series gets some very damaging guns on them, and tends to be nicely armored. The problem is that a lot of those tanks have terrible angles on the turrets and hull.
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