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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
that was a interesting read.
Fascinating how the brothers could follow such different paths, and it seemed they still shared a close bond even with an enormous ideological chasm between them.

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
Well fuck.

Spoiler for BBC article:

While I'm sure there's QUITE a bit of disgust for this guys particular fetish, I think it's important to consider what actually got this guy arrested. As horrific as it might sound (in the united states) writing about murder and cannibalism isn't illegal. Even getting turned on by it isn't illegal.

...but when you start making a list of actual people (some of whom you've met in real life, some of whom you've found information about illegally using police resources) who you'd like to murder, and how you would do it? I'm sorry. Maybe I don't love free speech as much as I should, but that just goes a bit too far beyond what can be reasonably interpreted as *imagination*.
That's tough to judge. Of course the knee jerk disgust of such a plot needs to be carefully suppressed when judging his actions; you are indeed treading dangerously close to reality when you're naming specific parties that you'd like to murder/cannibalize. How in the world people have such fetishes and maintain a normal daily persona is so infinitely perplexing to me.
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