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Originally Posted by ChainLegacy View Post
That's tough to judge. Of course the knee jerk disgust of such a plot needs to be carefully suppressed when judging his actions; you are indeed treading dangerously close to reality when you're naming specific parties that you'd like to murder/cannibalize. How in the world people have such fetishes and maintain a normal daily persona is so infinitely perplexing to me.
He wasn't. The reason his wife decided to start checking out his computer was that their relationship started to get stressed after they married. That's pretty much my opinion of the situation as well. There's nothing illegal about horrific sex murder fantasies. But you get to dangerous territory between when you start specifically naming real life people you know as fantasy victims without their knowledge.

But really. I don't think that was even what nailed his ass in this case. What nailed his ass was that he illegally used a police crime data base to research, communicate, and meet with the women he was using in his fantasy scenarios. How much of a fantasy is it when you're breaking the law, and actively carrying out parts of the scenario (researching, communicating and meeting with the intended *victims*)?
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