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"Ordinary relationship development" lol.
I still don't understand how this is an inaccurate perception, since it was only presented as such. IMO, at least.

"Miniscule factor" lol. You still haven't identified how anything besides dependency was ever shown in that scene at all.

Go to the pre-serialization oneshot or another of the very earliest chapters of the series. Medaka says that "Zenkichi's the man who won't ever let me be alone". Go to Medaka's confrontation with Bukiko just before Zenkichi arrives in the Jet Black Wedding arc. Medaka says "Zenkichi's the one who will always catch up to my side". The entire basis of Medaka's 'love' for Zen has always been based on her faith and belief in his dedication to her. Her expectation that he would always be her final answer against loneliness. That is the entirety of her feelings for Zen. She has zero connection to him aside from that.

Seriously, what exactly was your argument? "Medaka kissed Zen, therefore she doesn't emotionally depend on him"? Was that your actual attempt at an answer or am I mistaking something? I'm still waiting for any (ANY) evidence that Medaka's feelings for Zen involved anything besides being happy about his complete dedication to her. I hardly care whether you "buy" my arguments or not if you can't even suggest a coherent alternative.
You still havenít identified the dependency that was evidently shown in that scene, aside from several highly subjective inferences towards the meaning of her confession. You interpret her choosing to confess and kiss him as a furtherance of her inability to admire anything but his devotion towards her, whereas I perceive it to be considerably more than that. I see a physical attraction and a surprising realization of her romantic feelings for him. I see her rewarding his kindness with a display of affection simply due to a temporary desire for intimacy, which wouldnít have existed if an emotional dependence remained her only reason for seeing him as an individual.

My argument was that there is actual love within Medakaís feelings for Zen, and though I could simply wait for the rest of this arc to thoroughly prove my point, I felt compelled to offer a contention to your assumption that she has no connection to him beyond a need for his presence. Heís easily the most important person in her life, due to a plethora of reasons that far extend beyond mere dependency, or, otherwise, she could have simply decided to fall for Kumagawa, since he too could have saved her from her loneliness, and yet she never has.

Regardless, itís not as though I think their relationship has incredible depth, which is why Iíve repeatedly mentioned that Zenkichi and Medaka need to mature as individuals before it progresses even further. Though occasionally complex, Zenkichi and Medakaís feelings for one another are typically simplistic. However, this simplicity, IMO, at least when concerning Medaka, no longer exists solely due to emotional dependence, and, though she occasionally references Zenkichiís inability to stray by her side, I donít feel that it heavily motivates her anymore.

Really though, what would exactly be a satisfying and cohesive ďalternativeĒ for you, to the point where youíd actually agree with what Iím suggesting? Iíve always perceived a slight dependency in both Medaka and Zenkichiís love for one another, and though Medakaís was more prevalent throughout the early portions of the story, theyíve both matured into legitimately loving one another, though they still, of course, have a long way to go before their relationship is entirely healthy.

Basically, itís natural for her to be disappointed and upset that the man she loves isn't accompanying her, which is why I find the supposed implications that this arc will partially focus on Medakaís realization that sheís ďfallen out of loveĒ with Zenkichi to be unrealistic and nearly impossible. My argument, at itís core, was pertaining to this, prior to the distraction of divergent tangents.
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