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Originally Posted by Wolfenstein View Post
You know, as much as I hate how Kumagawa's victory was(and I hate it with the burning passion of 1000 suns), I think I'd have been much, much more pissed if his ultimate victory was always and only "I want to Medaka's love"- that's the one character trait I always hated about Zenkichi, thankfully and epically purged in the latest chapter(making my likeness for Zen grow exponentially).
There's a fundamental difference between Zen and Kumagawa's 'love' for Medaka: Zenkichi's love is (was) selfless -- submissive, devotional and based on dedication. Kumagawa's meanwhile is selfish -- based on ambition, self-realization, and obtaining what he wants. They can hardly be compared to each other, although one side is healthier for Medaka as a person.

As far as Kumagawa considering Zen a 'bro' or 'family', however, I really have to wonder how delusional people can be. When is there any evidence of Kumagawa holding any particularly friendly feelings for Zenkichi? And where would such feelings come from, in terms of Kumagawa's motivations as a character? The characters in Medaka Box are not such a blank slate or so mysterious that you can simply project any feelings that you want onto them.
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