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Miyazaki hints at possible 'Nausicaa' sequel

TOKYO — For all of Studio Ghibli’s acclaim, the famed House That Miyazaki Built has never once put out a direct sequel to one of its works. While various thematic threads run through all of Miyazaki’s films, the man, for all his genius, apparently lacks the attention span to stretch a concept into two films. That or he was just really hates the idea of tacking numbers to his movies’ titles.

However that may change soon if comments Hayao Miyazaki made at a recent interview promoting his latest film and ode to tobacco smoke, “The Wind Rises,” are to be believed.

While appearing for a one-on-one interview during the TBS Saturday morning talk show, “Osama no Brunch,” Miyazaki indicated that he’s open to the idea of a sequel to his 1984 film, “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” – his sophomore film as a director and one of his most cherished by fans. The only catch is he wouldn’t be doing the film himself.

That honor would apparently go to acclaimed “Neon Genesis Evangelion” director Hideaki Anno.......for more click here

Mentioning of Nausicaa is from 7:25 to 8:15
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