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Originally Posted by MCAL View Post
Refrain is for all intents and purposes a continuation of Rin's route, which makes her the main girl clear and simple.
No, Refrain is the final route...if anything it's the Original Little Busters Route because it mainly focuses on the original LB group. The only link between Rin's route and Refrain is Rin's initial state of mind in Refrain (a result of the end of Rin2).

Again, Rin is NOT the final girl (unless you pick her in one of the Refrain options)...there IS NO final girl in LB. This isn't Clannad where the main story is focused on the MC's relationship with a single girl.

Originally Posted by MCAL View Post
I'm not denying the romance is weak. In fact I found it laughable myself, (I like Riki with Kurugaya, hell even Kud has better romantic chemistry) but that doesn't make JC Staff stupid for keeping it in.
It makes them inconsistent which is one of the biggest sins in adaptations.
People don't bash JC Staff because "Erp Derp I need something to bash lolz" but because they feel that JC Staff has done something wrong.

Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
So first people were up in arms that they weren't quite sticking as faithfully to the source as possible, and now people are up in arms because they are?

For fuck's sake, people.
The problem isn't that they are being "faithful" to the VN...the problem is that they are only doing that for Rin AFTER changing the rest of the girls routes.
If you're going to take out the romance then fine...but do it for EVERY girl.
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