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Originally Posted by Scavenger View Post
Holy shit! Ribbons and Tieria are dancing. My eyes....
I was actually laughing the whole time LOL

Originally Posted by Tkpenalty View Post
ROFLMAO TIERIA IS THAT CHICK. Louise has some newtype reaction and spots setsuna... and tieria is dancing with ribbons? ...

Setsuna is spotted by billy... and says celestial being... he runs, tieria does some jump out of the window...

Wut.. no MS action this ep.
You can expect a fantastic MS action next ep. for sure!

P.S. I was hoping to see Setsuna in tuxedo or something...but...oh well...

P.S. I'm glad Marina is still in this ep. (even though it was only 10 seconds.) And I'm not surprise that Setsuna was the one who think about her in this ep. (Since she was the one who thought about him last ep.) <<< It's just like Heero x Relena relationship's pattern. LOL I'm joking.
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