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I wonder though if Cassandra really awakened. If she would release lots of youki or half-awakened it would be a more fair fight with Roxanne. But if she would awaken it will either mean a chain reaction and others will awaken too or that Roxanne will be decimated rather easily or that Roxanne is of Priscilla level. I'm really curious where Yagi is going with this. This chapter is only a teaser of what's coming next. Heck, it's even possible that Hysteria and Miria will join forces. They're in a deadlock it seems and it doesn't look like Hysteria is willing to use more youki and awakened #1 would pose a problem especially if Hysteria/Miria were exhausted because of their fight. Each of them had a perfect opportunity to use this distraction to attack the other but they were too cautious.
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