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Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
Pretty MEH chapter overall.
I just saw the chapter myself just now, and I felt the same...I think it's because we essentially 'read' the whole chapter already through the spoilers -- more then usual because usually spoilers only reveal some snippets. However, practically every spoiler this month was true which doesn't really happen.

The unfortunate part of that is, is that all my fears about each spoiler, are essentially now rolled into one -- for example, how on earth is Cassandra suddenly wounded like that? Just because I think of a past bruise, doesn't mean it suddenly comes back. My theory on that one is, is that the revival never actually healed it -- truly, like Frankenstein, they all still carry the wounds they had when they died and the damage only now just caught up with her, which in turn, made her remember her past memories.

If i'm right, then it also means the same undoubtedly for the other two, which means Miria could suddenly have a big advantage over her fight with Hysteria.

Which brings me to my second fear, that one of them might actually die - I've already whined about this enough, but I think it's a solid complaint; no, nobody has actually died, but I simply don't want that to happen at all, flat-out. Whether one of them awakens or not, I guess isn't so bad....but still, we've had the original Big Three all this time, for years...if one of them dies now, I can't express how astronomically anticlimatic that would be, especially after all the drama and fuss about bringing them to life.

On the flip side though, their were all sorts of things I liked about this chapter; the artwork in particular, perhaps it's just been awhile since I read a recent Claymore chapter, was beautiful as ever -- even though it's not exactly new that Yagi has been very lazy with new hair-styles for a long time now (Cassandra's friend is just a glossier/flaxen version of Cynthia; and I swore I thought I saw Renee for a second (Hysteria ), the faces, the little details...everything is just very very good. Miria noticably looked like an AE when she powered up.

And speaking of which, Roxanne beating out Ophelia as the greater maniac feels like it wins out even more -- and the parallels between Cassandra and Miria go even further: heck, her entire flashback felt like one giant parallel to the Extra Chapter that starred her and Hilda....Cassandra however went further then Miria because, unlike Miria, Cassandra caught some foul-play and immediately pointed the finger at Roxanne. I don't know the dialog (waiting on English version), but Roxanne undoubtedly had a snippy reaction that sent Cassandra off the edge...

Which makes me wonder something else: one of the things I liked about one of the spoilers, is the weakness in Roxanne not replicating Cassandra (whether because it was too scary/too much/couldn't do it etc)...I thought it was silly last month that she didn't do it, as it would have been her crown achievement, but if the spoiler is true, their is a reason --- but more then that though, if she didn't copy her technique, the expression on her face when Cassandra goes berserk tells me that she maybe did all this, simply to ensure Cassandra's demise and take the No.1 rank for herself -- even without her technique, she had more then enough power to win the title. Shame though that the others never caught on though, because I mentioned last chapter that other warriors undoubtedly began to suspect what Roxanne was doing to her 'friends'.

As for the Twins surviving head-shots...the only thing kind of reminds me of Riful in that she as able to move her innards around her ribbonly body -- she was an Awakened Being (an Abyssal at that), so it makes sense that she could do that...but the Twins; it makes sense to me that they have this sort of ability as well as, like with Alicia and Beth, the Organization was/is trying to get high-powered AB/Abyssal strength/abilities in normal warriors.

I'll write more as they come to me.
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