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Gaara Boy that was the best sexual experience I've ever had !
*and yes, boys and girls it's all caught on tape, when Ninja's go WILD volume 2! Order NOW in the next 10 minutes and get a free hunter's spoon (heck just melt them down if you have too many) let's watch Gaara's scene
SasukeXoro very wise *heck toss him in the barrel* Oh, and just so you know most offers are good only if they come with Hunter's spoon *it's not as easy as it sounds, you have to take the original one from Sasuke and he's one perverted guy gosh knows what you have to do to get it-me I gave him Hobo* *Oh, and you don't get Dental yet SasukeXoro you have to make it past your probationary time*

ME I'm really Howard Stern (I know I'm not a Naruto character, but the thread is in the Naruto forum and so am I and I'm a character) Goes off wondering what the hell did Slade post that got deleted

Master Ran]*how did you know I thought that?* also, very wise and knowing

Sakura Oh Naruto Kun please come down and talk to me I've decided to sleep with you

Hinata Sakura, you can't really go thru with this, we just want the Kyuubi and I'm not letting a foreheadwhore touch my precious.

Sakura Shush, I'm just telling him that so he comes out of the tree *I want a little Kyuubi before they take it, come to your cherry bloosom*

Hinata Oh, bother forget you Sakura *lifts off coat and is standing there in just her fishnets*

Naruto Flies down, grabs Hinata and they are not seen of again?


of course


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