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Wow I never realized I was a Naruto character too. Awesome!
*attempts to jump from tree to tree but realizes that ninjas FLY not DODGE in mid-air*
And yes Sasuke can fly because he uses his ki (magical Key?) to fly off to Oro where they wedlock (bad pun intended) and somehow have pirate zombie kitty babies!

Nice funnie sasukeXoro! I had never thought about making fun of ourselves because I was afraid that Dranz would decide to push the button that makes the forum crash.
A fondness for satire indicates a mind pleased with irritating others.

Master Ran did you draw that? So cute! Love it! Everyone knows that Shika enjoys a little wine with his cheese, if you know what I mean.
Yeah...I didn't get that one either. Btw Pathy, Slade's post got deleted because he was asking Master Ran to join his army so that he could draw him insignias of little rabbits w/pancakes for him and his future empire. Everyone shall bow down to Teh Pancake Bunny!

Naruto *throws himself off a cliff and SPLAT* Kuso!! How come the main character never dies! Curse the shonen law of physics!!

Sakura *walks by and notices strewn Naruto guts on the ground*


Ino *eating* Wow Sakura! This is good meat! Tasty like dog! I guess I'll let you sleep in the big cage today. But only for today! Don't forget you have "orders" to fill! I run a tight whoring business ya know!
It ain't called a flower shop for nothing.

Sakura Really?! Yay!

The next morning...

Lee I'll have the usual today! Nuthin but hoes and alcohol here! Btw that smells delicious! *nice guy pose*

Ino Sure. She's waiting in her room. *starting up the bbq*

Lee Alright Sakura-san! Time to bend over and take it like a milkman!....

Sakura *inside a jar* Lee-san! Help me! I got stuck inside the big cage again!

Neji Hey, isn't that my old wank jar?

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