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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
What would make a spin-off? Let's take the Delta Force and have a series focused on their daily hijinks. Or just Aogami and his everyday perversion exploits. Or take the in-series' Magical Girl Kanamin into an actual adaptation.
Actually, I think this is the closest idea we can get to a perfect example of a spin-off as something totally unrelated to the main story but has it's roots from the main story in some small ways.... Namely just the character.

Originally Posted by Teh_Ping View Post
I know a lot of people who thought that Index was the spin-off because Railgun was more 'hyped', so yeah, I knew what you were thinking. Don't worry, we're in the same boat...
I'm almost certain those are just detractors and trolls looking to throw flame around- I can't think anyone who would make that kind of mistake 'honestly'.
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