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It's not very smart to close down the inn temporarily right when it was starting to get some good publicity, but it was probably for the better considering how incompetent Enishi is. It's good that he acknowledged it and decided to polish his skills (what did he do those past 20 years though...?).

They chose the easy way out of the romance triangle by avoiding a situation where Ohana would have to choose between the inn and Ko (yes, that was the true romance triangle of this serie). Aww, I wanted the inn to win
Ohana's wish sort of made up for that. Ohana and Sui's relationship was one of my favorite aspect of the series, so I found it very sweet and heartwarming.

I agree it was disappointing we didn't get a glimpse at the future of the characters. We can only hope they'll eventually be reunited again, and that Nako will get it on with Mizuno.
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