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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Haha, the whole laxative thing was funny. I like how they displayed both Gon and Killua's different ways of dealing with it.

This is definitely a keeper-- really cool characters; I'd expect no less from the author.
I'll try commenting on episodes 2 and 3 in more detail later but I'll address this now. In the old anime I think they did better by not including that scene since it has revealed Tonpa's true colors immediately and instead of being really surprised later we've all been spoiled. Although it's good that new anime is including scenes that weren't covered earlier I think it will be one of the few that will be added. One of the fights of Hisoka was also censored and cut in the old anime (which wasn't as kids-friendly as this one) and I really doubt they will show more in the new one. So far:
old anime > manga > new anime.

And Hisoka's and Killua's seiyuu suck. Ichijou from Kaiji is being cast to every major role nowadays it seems (Fate/Zero + HxH) and while he's not bad he's far from getting close to Hiroki Takahashi.
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