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Kaisos has been the Haruhi pessimist for a while now. The hope would be to get the Genderbending thread going distract from such news. The project was going fairly well. How many novels were plotted? And how many were actually redone with the Genderbent cast?

That seemed to be side tracked by the Visual Novel idea, which is sort of were I lost intrest as I had nothing of note to contribute anymore. At least with a novel swap I could poke and prod at characterization and ponder things within a frame of reference. Game structure is not something I've done, and that sort of art is not my style (one I've very out of practise, and I was mostly into ships and line art...not colors, and cetainly not people.) While story writing was something I use to do, my characters never seemed real enough. I was better as backstory, world building, and history like materials, than personal histories, personalities, and relationships.
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