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Originally Posted by Goggen View Post
Oh, for fucks sake... It's not like they came out and announced "there won't be any more Haruhi anime", they were asked by a reporter if there was going to be another season. What did you expect them to say?
"We are not currently working on a third Haruhi season, or planning to do one soon."

If they're lying, this answer would look better after the fact than the one they did give, which is more definitive (presuming its translated correctly).

However, if they really do have no plans on doing a third Haruhi season, maybe it is better to say "We have no plans for a third Haruhi season" in order to quash all hope right now and get it over with.

I have to admit that I'm not feeling terribly optimistic right now about the future of the Haruhi anime franchise.
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