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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
I just watched the episode and can't understand where this "Cryska is leading the race" thing is comming from. I didn't see anything at all that can make this assumtion valid. No romantic teansion or blushing at all. Just a guy talking with a girl he gets along with. Or am i just not seeing the flags?

At the moment i'm a little disappointed of this Show. Maybe I drop it till it is finnished and watch it later in one go.
You just answered yourself. They are on the same wavelenght. She's on the advantage since Yuuya came to Cryska to talk about his past, because he feels comfortable talking with her, expressing how he feels about them (scarlet twins), etc.
I really don't belive she is ahead, but i do belive she won alot of potential on these few eps she was active, against Yui.

Yui is still my first choice. C'mon girl!

Originally Posted by seiftis View Post
Is it just me or the character arts seem a bit off this episode?
Just this episode? Quality is not a strong point in this show aside from Mecha fights. But as said before, i'm not caring about that, i'm watching for the fights and the development.

Although in this episode... Yuuya's eyes went haywire while talking to Cryska.
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