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You just answered yourself. They are on the same wavelenght. She's on the advantage since Yuuya came to Cryska to talk about his past, because he feels comfortable talking with her, expressing how he feels about them (scarlet twins), etc.
I really don't belive she is ahead, but i do belive she won alot of potential on these few eps she was active, against Yui.

Yui is still my first choice. C'mon girl!
I don't like shipping much.
My point was that i don't saw anything romance related at all between them. At least, nothing that goes deeper then friends have for example. We are at ep 18 now and there is just nothing going on between them that goes beyond that. That is why i was so irritated from comments like "leading the reace", when she was in truth not even participating. How i see it there will not be more than that between them.
Well whatever. This was the last episode for me for now. Hope this show gets better and it doesn't focus too much on pointless lovetriangels where the outcome is clear anyway. I just want a good story, thats all.
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