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Originally Posted by playmaker2k View Post
Slow and steady isn't always the best course of action. Yui saw it first hand in the park and ran away. lol

It's just that Yuuya hasn't talk about his past with anyone other than Cryska. When they were sharing their personal stories, those two don't even realize that their on the same wavelength.

Inia and IDAR FLIGHT sees it as clear as day. Sandek is a chess master and prepping his next stage for Bridges.

I don't think it's in the bag for Yui just yet, I want see her change first.

She really needs to grow up since Cui called her out for not understanding where Yuuya is coming from as a person.

I'm pretty sure she never experienced the torment and hate that Yuuya had to go through growing up especially in the deep south. There are times when he brings it on himself, but other times it just cuz he looks different.

In many ways, those two need to meet somewhere in the middle to make it work.

As a whole, I like both ladies equally so it's a win/win in the end for Bridges.

I can't wait to see how Yui retaliates after that talk with Cui. The previews talk about her wearing a towel.
Seems like he only went to Cryska because she was there and he helped her the other day. Remember, he didn't go looking for her, it was just by chance that Inia and Cyska were there.

Yui is slowly changing and opening up. Cui in fact gave her a much needed push and this will greatly help Yui understand Yuuya and be true to how she feels about him.
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