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Seems like he only went to Cryska because she was there and he helped her the other day. Remember, he didn't go looking for her, it was just by chance that Inia and Cyska were there.

Yui is slowly changing and opening up. Cui in fact gave her a much needed push and this will greatly help Yui understand Yuuya and be true to how she feels about him.
i agree on you with this one...its just that the scarlet twins are on the right time and place when yuuya wanted to share his past because of his strong feeling of guilt...but there is no doubt that he is comfortable talking to them specifically cryska(since inia is like a little child)...but i also do not sense any romantic development between them....

as for cui, i also think that she is giving hints to yui...that if she really loves yuuya, she should accept him for who he is...and that includes accepting his not so good past...once she learned of this, she'll be ready...

so very nice of cui really...

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