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Originally Posted by Mughi View Post
Well, I'm TRYING to not get TOO serious about this kit, as I'm already doing... I want it to stay "playable" and not become something you put on an altar and pray to each night.

I 'm sort of experimenting with it as I go. So far the wings and tail have stickers on them. The fuselage hasn't been done yet obviously, and some of the vents and little vernier ports are painted. In addition, I painted the red on the tails and fins on the engines, but I decided to put the stickers OVER the red paint on the tails just to see if I liked it. They look pretty good and I may leave them that way only because getting a bright enough color over the black parts is tricky.

Don't get the stickers wrong. They are VERY high quality film with a matte finish to them, so they look VERY nice in person, but clearly, if you want the apperance of the images you posted from Bandai, the waterslip decals is going to be the way to go. At this point, I MAY replace the SMS logo stickers with the decals, just to see if they come out better over the dark areas.

All of the panel lines are VERY small and will take a master's touch to get right. I'll be fascinated to see any images you can post of your build as you do it Urei.
Thx, for the info yet again. It'll take about two weeks for me to start the assembly as I still haven't received my kit. This will also be the first time I'll get this serious about a model. It will be a great way to test the skills and pay a homage to the series. Besides, I'm a very patient person and I refuse to give up until it's done my way. A pain in the ass sometimes...

Most probably I'll put it into a pose and let it fly in it's small little spot. Be sure to update the gallery once you do something more. I really want to see the final stage

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