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Originally Posted by Okashira View Post
She probably mooched off meals from Tsuchimikado, and I bet that the depression greatly reduces her appetite... I have to admit that how is she still in Academy City is quite an interesting mystery (and I'll bet that it won't be referenced in more than 2 or 3 lines).
Spoiler for :

But seriously it's most likely that she is living with someone there but doesn't eat as much.

Not like it matters though since she wont have as much focus in NT anymore (like she did in the first place)

Originally Posted by Okashira View Post
In actual on topic, baka tsuki uploaded part 12 of chapter 4 from NT.... HENSHIN!
The birth of the Hamadurarara!!

I just love how the author made a note that the bike was actually created for JUSTICE just to make sure you know that this is straight up Kamen Rider now rofl
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