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Spoiler for Long explanations:

Fave hair - Kyou
Fave face - Nadeko (with stiff competition from Yuki)
Fave personality - Charlotte (with stiff competition from Horo)
Fave legs - Kyou
Fave eyes - Kyou
Fave smile - Nadeko
Fave expressions (tsun) - Taiga
Fave expressions (general) - Nadeko
(Edit) Fave expression (embarassed) - Kyou

BTW, if Matsuri Shihou (Sola) had been competing, she would have won legs and personality, and probably gotten an honourable mention for smile/general expressions. God tier, anyone?

@Archon: I do agree that Tomoyo is probably the most mature of Key's heroines. However, there's other mature heroines I prefer to her both in ISML (Hitagi, Rin, Horo) and outside (Matsuri (Sola), Tomoe (Hana-Saku Iroha), Tsugumi (Ever 17 - okay, VN example)) I tend to prefer. And yes, I do realize that a couple of those actually do lose their cool once or twice.

As for her attempts to be more feminine... no offense, but that came across a bit too "Key personality quirk" for me.

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