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Oh heck, I dunno. Maybe he's a strong character that gets "blackmailed" into managing the team (or he's doing terrible in his studies and the smart one of the team coerces him to do it in exchange for tutoring). You just asked if it were possible to have a male manager

Personally, I'd avoid traps. Sports teams generally have rules about the right gender playing and a phys exam would blow the cover. If the trap is an actual transexual - it is highly unlikely they've had the surgery done as one is typically an adult before surgeons will do that. They'd be like Seiko in Love Complex, okay for social activities but it wouldn't fly in a sports situation. Seems immersion breaking.

2. If you just mean they behave with some of the attributes, like the Ninja is sneaky, suddenly appears when its embarrassing, seems to be in more than one place, etc. maybe. To me, that actually sounds more interesting as a rivalry between two team members on the same team. It depends on what you want to focus on, I guess.
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