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Originally Posted by SkyLight View Post
They all look really nice ^^ Especially that Saber one
Visit my thread once maybe you can give me some comments (still a beginner)
Yea, I've been fairly inactive here. I'll try to make a comeback though, just Uni takes some time right now.

Originally Posted by Amazing Gaze View Post
Nice new ones, Atoco-chin, cookies for you!
*still waiting for the tut...*

Yay 5th box! Omedetou!
woo, thanks~

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
This one!
Originally Posted by escimo View Post
If only I would have focused more, it would have been even better. It was made somewhat as an afterthought, but strangely enough got really well.

Here is the colored version which I discarded:

Gotta make one for Yui if I find a good one >.>;

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