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Another idea, what if we're too focused on bombs?

Rokkenjima is an isolated island, and in it are three hotel-sized buildings which presumably are fully powered. The power requirements for Rokkenjima are simply huge, considering the number of people it has. Consider if the storm causes a problem in the electric grid, snapping a power cable, perhaps, or a generator malfunction. The generator (in the boiler room?) at this point should be gas powered (which means its flammable *and* explosive). It should also be very, very large. Large enough to cause a substantial catastrophe, or kill anyone unfortunate enough to be close to it in the case of malfunction.

Alternatively, a snapped power cable landing on the ground, conveniently covered with water, due to rain.

In the first, it would also explain the event of the disturbance in the boiler room in Ep1. Someone was messing with the generator, potentially rigging it to explode at some time. It would also explain why if you're inside the mansion after a certain point (where the boiler room is), you die. Obviously, while an explosion is assured, there won't be a definite time, so it is in effect *both* a timebomb and a murder method dependent on chance (only that it will happen "soon").
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