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Fair warning: This theory has a lot of problems and is merely a "first attempt" to actually untangle ep4's death order. I actually have several orders I'm considering.

Before I start with the theories themselves, here's the general reasoning:

Spoiler for How I'm Approaching Ep4:

Spoiler for Okay, So What?:

From this, imagine two scenarios: "George Dead" and "George Alive."
Spoiler for George Dead:

Spoiler for George Alive:

These are just kernels of ideas. I think I can come up with much better ones as I narrow down just who could have died and when. I want to stress that this is 90% guesswork based on a few shaky assumptions. For instance, if "Kyrie's group" doesn't refer to the people shown in the magic scene, this entire thing is rubbish.

There's also very little to explain the differences in killing methods, though I gave it a go.

Still, I figured someone ought to give it a try.
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