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Only recently have I begun thinking about the mystery aspect of the story. In order to start making a theory I began with some basic core assumptions that I would build it around. One of those is based on analyzing the red truth for the final mystery: "Battler's killer in episode 4 is not human."

However I find it hard to believe he was killed by a trap or a bomb or something like that. If there is a "time bomb" or something similar in Rokkenjima then why was there no sign of such an event in any of the police investigations, and why did Eva survive in episode 3 since presumably she didn't actually know where Kuwadorian was?

My thoughts:

Spoiler for Ep4 final mystery analysis:

Edit: Actually, now that I look at it written down like this, I can understand the idea of a trap set specifically for Battler. If the person who set the trap (Beatrice) is dead, then their dead body is here, on the island, and that doesn't prevent them from "killing" Battler.

I still don't really see a time bomb due to the above reasons.
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