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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
I can see you did not notice the little smiley, then, raising his tiny eyebrow at you. Sarcasm, wit and playful jests are really difficult to convey through the internet, I guess.
This should indicate that the previous comment was made in good humor, but just so we're clear, I'll indicate it for you -->
Not every smiley indicates humoristic intent, that's the problem. The "" smiley looks rather irritated, to be sure.

Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Also, yeah, bringing the whole Ohnogi debacle back into the light of day (even though "light" around these parts is somewhat debatable, as we're having torments of almost biblical proportions everyday, just like we are now - and the sky is soot black as I type these few mismatched words) helps to make a very good point, Yot-chan. Very good, indeed.
Not seeing it, still. Back when we thought Ohnogi was responsible for writing the latter half of Frontiers episodes, we had fake write-ups of discussions in the production staff, which were pointing the finger pretty directly at Kawamori for being at fault. Yot can blame Shaloom for that, not us.

Now that we know better, Kawamori still is the guy who makes the ultimate decisions. Saying "but Yoshino wrote it!" does not exonerate Kawamori from approving it. It's the same as when some major disaster occurs in the U.S.... in the end it is the presidents duty to assume responsibility for the clean-up. "The buck stops here" is a quote from Harry Truman, after all.

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