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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
It does? Chalk that up to cultural differences, then. I never saw it that way - or maybe that's because I have a habit of arching a brow to indicate a jibe. Noted.
Look at his frowny mouth. ->

Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
But, like Yot-chan said, when those fake summaries were making the rounds, every good decision was not Kawamori's: it was Ohnogi's. The former was simply acceding to it, not really responsible for the outcome. That smacks as a bit of a double standard, to me, as well.

And I fear we're way too off-topic for safety.
And, again: We were going off information about which we thought it was accurate at that time. The "Kawamori is a troll" thing started way before we had access to Shalooms "liner notes". And with good reason.

But, yeah, let's take any further responses to the Macross Frontier (Macross 25) generic discussion thread.
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