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*sigh* Like I said before, the staff is trying


too hard to make us hate Shu and think he's a wuss. It's honestly almost painful to watch how nearly unrealistically bad a funk he's fallen into. The staff is literally taking EVERY possible step to make him look like an ass. Even
Spoiler for Episode 10:
As I also said before, they'd seriously better over-compensate by making Shu one hell of a badass later.

On the other hand though, the next episode preview makes it pretty clear that he's going to quickly get over it and save the day, so let's all hold off on starting up the Hate-Shu bandwagon.

And are we sure this is a two-cour series? We're approaching what would be the halfway point for a two-cour show, but we've already got a major crisis as if it were a one-cour show. Not to mention
Spoiler for Episode 10:

I hope not, but I wonder if Guilty Crown is getting cancelled and cut down from two cours to one like Angel Beats was.
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