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Originally Posted by DXMichael View Post
It wasn't the fact that he had taken a life, but the fact that he was seeing things which was related to his void power which made him scared of what he was doing and what he had.
And you expect them to understand when he is acting like a shut-in, not explaining what he sees? They all saw he was in anguish, but it is hardly possible for them to find out anything beyond the scope of Jun's death.
Gai just throwing Shu away and telling him not to show his face again didn't really make sense to me, otherwise wouldn't he have done that earlier in the anime? Why would he toss Shu aside after all the effort he had done to keep him in and to work for Funeral Parlor? As for Ayase, it's her usual personality to be strict and tough on Shu, but as I said before, Shu actually had a reason to be scared and not want to be in Funeral Parlor anymore which made Ayase's action rather sore towards him.
Even after all this effort, Shuu couldn't get over a single "sacrifice". If he can't even get over this, how is he going to get over further issue? It isn't like he can magically save everyone either, power of kings or not.
As for Ayase, she was pretty much "betrayed" by her expectations and it is no surprise considering how Shuu fell so low.
As for Hare...I guess her reactions were reasonable. Even I knew straight away that when her and Shu were sitting together on the stairs, he was going to try and take advantage of Hare's love for him to lick his wounds better. Even so, he had already been through quite a bit, a reasonable "No" would have been better rather than a slap.
Shuu has been changing to the point it is out of control. No matter how you look at it, there is no way for Hare to consider that "move" as reasonable. It would be even more meaningless and irrealistic for her to stay calm after Shuu mopping and random behaviour. It is even less likely that a "simple no" would make snap him out.
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