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The difference is that Beatrice appears to be attempting to convict herself. As a result, and if she is indeed the author of the message bottles, it may well have been her intention to create a scenario in which she is in fact the culprit. Whether she was in fact any sort of "true" culprit in a hypothetical Prime is certainly something we've all debated over many times.
Prime, that may be exactly it.
We cannot figure out a prime culprit. We simply cannot. We don't even know what happened. We don't even know if there is a culprit. We cannot say for certain that Kinzo for instance was really dead in prime 1986.
This mystery "exists" but Umineko is not about solving it, and it wasn't made to be solvable. Sure that's an assumption on my part, but that's something I'm fairly certain about.
However you can reach the conclusion that Eva wasn't the culprit in prime. At the very least, accepting that she wasn't the culprit is something that the story leads us to. It's something Umineko is about.

It's not about finding the culprit, but about people's innocence.

If your point is that there could be an "alternate solution" to the games themselves... well sure, I guess. The problem is that we'd both have to look for a "non-obvious culprit" (i.e. we cannot blame either Beatrice or Eva for ep3) and have some way of confirming the viability of that theory... which we kinda don't.
My point is that Umineko's not a game about finding the culprit. It's a game about doing pretty much what Battler did in arc 5 : Even tho everything was against her, Battler solely believed that Natsuhi had to be innocent, and he did everything he could to defend her.

I'm also more or less figuring out that this is what arc 7 TP was about : someone taking out the culprit and not revealing them and enduring the blame - not for that culprit they just took out, but to defend someone else - close to them and very innocent, and who probably wouldn't believe them anyway (who'd just accept that the sole survivor of Rokkenjima claims x person is the culprit while having no way of proving it...).

Finding a culprit would probably surface if I'm right and we could properly establish Yasu's "why dunnit". She doubtfully would have did all that to protect Gohda's reputation if he was the culprit or blame herself for it, for instance.
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