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Note that even Natsuhi used red
Aye, in her case she said something only she could have known though.

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It didn't in fact Dlanor smashed it.
Anybody could have smashed that one, he wasn't allowed to say it.

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Hum... since when we know how golden truth work and what it required to beat the red truth that is, after all, the truth?
Dlanor said that the golden truth can either be inferior or superior to the red truth.
The only way to be superior to Knox 8 in this particular case is having a clue. And yes i know that Dlanor countered it with Knox 2nd, probably because she knew which body Battler was talking about.

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Considering Kinzo is dead by such a long time the body should be... well, pretty ruined to say the least. It would be hard to recognize him as Kinzo...
It seems way more likely that Battler lied or that his words were misunderstood as I theorized in my previous post.
Really depends on how you preserve it. I use the prerequisite that they were too far away from each other for battler to note that the corpse was dead.
As long as the corpse has one of Kinzo's suits there is nothing wrong with not realizing that he is already dead.

its just a theory to give some sense to the words Battler said briefly before the golden truth though.
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