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Originally Posted by UsagiTenpura View Post
Basically it's the formula to be blamed as culprit. A formula we've been constantly shown in a negative light.

Btw I'm not going to suggest another culprit, because this is essentially what I think has been our mistake in Umineko : We're not there to find a culprit, we're there to defend people who has been wrongfully accused.
This is certainly a very strong element in Chiru, but isn't it also heavily contrasted by how Battler had to grow out of his naivety of being unwilling to suspect people?

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
I am, Except you can provide a clue as to wwhere Kinzo's corpse was hidden the entire time and another one that it has never been moved. No matter what in several EPs it was necessary to move the corpse at some point. Either to burn it or to make sure nobody discovers it when entering the study. So yes the body was indeed moved around.
Depending on the way it was preserved fingerpointing would still be possible, as Rigor Morts is LONG over.
All I can think of is Weekend at Bernie's.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
I agree with Haguruma, the order doesn't necessarily mattr if there is no stake attached to them. In EP 3 Rosa was for example the sacrifice for the birth of the new witch.
Which would have normally been the last one (replace revivial with birth for this episode), yet her corpse was discovered before the others.

She was the sacrifice for the birth of the new witch. "
Not sure exactly what your point is, but the "new witch" being referred to is Eva-Beatrice. Rosa was her first victim, so it was her death that birthed the concept of the witch Eva-Beatrice.
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