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Didn't Kamachi once said that Mikoto was the prime exampe of a "regular life" in Academy City? I feel that most of Mikoto's lack in action is thanks to that, she does regular things in a regular way, however the action and the writing is pretty much focused on "weird" or "exceptional" cases, Mikoto is pretty much "stuck" with being normal and thus she is always conveniently taken out when things seem too serious.

She is probably the only Level 5 that has not weird things / Dark Side relating things happen to her in regular basis (the Sisters deal was a one time deal after all). The only weirdness that happens to her frequently is facing Touma.

Well, there is also that in-novel "Mikoto getting shafted" became some sort of trend meme and she is definitely not going to escape that. Ever.
What about the 6th Level 5?
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