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Originally Posted by BlackCatXIII
Apparently normal Master Gems are simple ... there produced for the user and when they die they dissapear (well we don't really know ... it could be that they don't since Aswardo seem to have gotten there hands on one) ... then there are the Azure Safire type wich defently don't go bey bey ... probably return to the pendant for a new user ... just some speculation from me
Except the Sapphire of Heaven wasn't being used, Rena had retired and not a single Otome took it up. Rena had lost her powers due to childbirth so she pretty much wasn't contracted anymore.

They're also mass-produced like the Coral and Pearl ones as opposed to the presumably one of a kind Meister Gems but we're really quibbling over nothing.
I don't see how that qualifies them as non-meisters, their called meister robes, simple as that. Pearls and corals are simply students. End.

I just thought people would be interested in what they're called since I could swear I've seen Obsidian mentioned in this universe before...
According to the subs it's The Cursed Black Diamond. Eitherway, cursed seems to fit them.
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