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I also got a feeling that Yuri might not be much more free than Joe is. His scene with the owner lady was... disturbing. She almost seems to treat him as a slave, as if his body was an investment. I wonder if those arms are cyborg prosthetics (surely looks like it, he never takes them off) and if that's so, if he had lost his original arms already when he put them on, or if he had his arms cut in order to replace them, just so he can become a living showcase for the corporation's technology. If it's the latter... damn, that's harsh, and I have to wonder if he had a say or a chance at all with the procedure, or if he was desperate for some reason and had to accept it.
Well, he calls her "Owner", that's probably a good description of their relationship and his position at the company. Which is really twisted but makes sense: she has a lot riding on this tournament and on the Megalo Box brand as such, and he must fulfill her expectations of him in order to be worth the investment.

Also, my vote is on 1. yes those are prosthetics, 2. he had his real arms cut off because 3. he wanted to be the best that bad. At least this would be my ideal scenario, considering Joe's position and his conflict with Yuuri.
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