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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Nah, my shipping goggles are only slanted towards girl/boy pairings. No yaoi. Except when Tak is involved.
See, Tak, that's what happens when you run around in Sheryls dress.

Originally Posted by Darthtabby View Post
In real life it's quite common for problems to crop up because people didn't pay much attention to things that were quite clear in hindsight. I don't think it's that strange that Alto let a lot of things slide. A lot of those details probably didn't seem closely connected to him anyway. Sure, it's weird that Grace got rescued by Brera -but should he automatically assume she's suspicious just because of that and the fact they're both from Galaxy? As far as he knows the only notable thing about Grace is that she's somehow capable of dealing with Sheryl every day. :lol:

As for Episode 22, that seems like a weird moment for Alto to suddenly declare "I love you" to Sheryl. Promising to support her to the end was a more appropriate response under the circumstances IMO.

As for Sheryl not letting him tell her things in Episode 24 -well, why do you think she didn't? She basically told him that if he said anything to her then it would mess her up emotionally and make her unable to do what she needed to do. Which could be a lie... but if she's lying, then why is she lying? Maybe because she thinks it'll be easier for him to move on after her death if he doesn't bind himself to her before that?

I don't really see much reason to condemn her for how she handled that situation. Or for how she handled things with Alto towards the end of the series at all for that matter. As I noted earlier, she was pretty emotionally messed up at that point.
Agreed to all of that.
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