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Originally Posted by Libros View Post
Maybe it's cause they expected a bigger power level jump than (from here on it's my estimate of luffy's level on the chart) Low-mid VA to mid-high VA. Since Rayleigh did train him and he did end up as "king of the island."
Then either the VA's have gotten a big boost or Pacifista's are really underpowered. Don't forget Luffy destroyed a pacifista with just 1 haki punch and pre time skip he was never seen to be outmatched by any VA.

I personally think that Luffy is just below admiral/yonkou level. I really don't see him increasing his strength any more then what is natural (more strength/speed and better Haki). So no new gears no new mysterious powers just "natural" progression. So no 1 on 1 with an admiral/yonkou he's toast but at least now he should be able to escape if needed.
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