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Originally Posted by mrShady View Post
Of course it doesn't. How can anyone that just went through a near death experience and fighting on performance boosting hormones ever be compared to someone that is in tip top shape? He was also clearly focused on one thing; stopping ace's execution (he gave up 20years of his lifespan for that end). I find it highly unlikely that anyone in that situation would focus on the subsequent fights. Luffy also proved he wasn't into the fight by constantly running away and shouting Ace.
So no I can't see this as proof of current Luffy being on mid/high VA level, I think he surpassed them ever since the time skip.

Btw I'm not saying any of the VA's are weak. They might proof just as much a challenge as Lucci, or more so. But no I don't believe any 1 of them can or could ever steamroll Luffy.

It could be though that the VA's are a lot tougher then I give them credit for but I just haven't seen the proof yet.
And no Vergo and Smoker don't really count. Smoker never wanted a promotion before meeting Luffy and Vergo is the right hand man of 1 of the most powerful shichibukai, both are also introduced post time skip as VA's.
There's no evidence supporting that Luffy could tango with the VAs pre-skip. Back then, he was quite frankly pathetic compared to the high tiers and top tiers. It took the combined efforts of the entire strawhat crew to take down just one pacifista. The VAs are of a much higher caliber than that.

And I'm not talking about post-skip here. I was commenting on your assessment of Luffy's strength pre-skip. None of his feats at that time demonstrate he could deal with the VAs. He didn't even know how to manifest his haki back then, an ability which all of the VAs are adept at. All of the evidence presented by Oda regarding the VAs is indicative of them being superior to Luffy pre-skip.

Vergo and Smoker most certainly count. A VA is a VA. The only real outlier amongst the VAs is/was Garp.
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