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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
Luffy's victories over Croc and Moria were heavily circumstantial and filled with plot armor. Their not indicative of Luffy being superior to Croc and Moria pre-skip. I knew you were going to bring up Lucci. And while he was respected and acknowledged by the VAs, that's it. Even Kuma gave him praise when he was surprised to learn of Lucci's defeat. But Lucci simply isn't on the level of these guys. VA rank is a promotion away from admiral status. Just think about that. These guys are veterans and have been around since the days of Roger's era. They have tons of battle experience and are second only to the admirals. And as mentioned already, there are very few VAs in the entire marines force (16 total), which means that it's a rank indicative of exceptional quality and caliber.

Luffy survived the war due to plot armor. You know that, so don't base your strength assessments of the VAs on that arc. Mihawk and the admirals didn't kill Luffy either, even though it would be a piece of cake to do that for them.

Again, the only real outlier in the VAs is/was Garp because he's admiral level.

Ace was a high tier, and Luffy was much weaker than him pre-skip.
Yet I still doubt all those VA's could defeat pre time skip Luffy. It also begs the question what the use is for the Shichibukai. The Shichibukai were introduced to counter the yonkou's, but if all VA's are that strong the Shichibukai seem like overkill and do not offset the risk they pose.
I just think that like the Shichibukai there is a world of difference between the different VA's. And that it isn't clear cut victory for any VA vs pre-time skip Luffy.
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