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I'm starting to grasp the broad picture with the dynamics of the storytelling for Pumpkin Scissors. Each but not all of the episodes give tips and hints to the various story elements. This twists and story devices are explored individually through their respective episode.

Once the story reaches into a major turning point, it'll be easier for the audience to deduce the plot by linking all plot devices in hand. The problem with this kind of storytelling is that the writers do not make an effort to build momentum and climax for the pace to transition evenly from episode to episode.

I just get the feeling that with this starting episode seem more like fulfilling the mission of the day format. We are not allow to travel and dig into the deeper picture.

I have annoying complains because Schültz was so plainly lame on screen, that I could not bear his boot-licking more than Alice was fed up with.
It even saddens me more when a scene switching takes place amidst a tense scene returning the spotlight back to Schültz non ceasing speeches tinged of corny romanticism.
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