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Originally Posted by DeX-kun View Post
While that may be true, it's not like it was kept a secret from them. All 3 of them are well aware that they're not related by blood. I actually don't see them as siblings at all considering everything that happens between them and the early revelation of their actual relationship. I really can't see why anyone would have a problem with this, there are mangas and animes out there that deal with real incest.

me neither (seeing them as siblings), they look a lot more like a guy living with two horny girls..

anyway why the F*** are you guys so worked up about this incest thing ? they are NOT blood related AT ALL, so stop whining already, god !
like you don't know anyone who banged a cousin !
seriously, this is a MANGA, (or anime from now on..), if this was happening for real then maybe there would be a tiny (reeeealy small) chance i'd give a shit if they are "brothers"...
grow up already.
how can one not like two cute girls doing ecchi stuff?? (Twins man ! Twins ! Lol.)

~h8 virgins.

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