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Since this is an AU it isn't necessary to have the TSAB involved and being Nanoha and the others Servants that means they're already dead and probably have suffered such challenging before. Nanoha's big advantage is that she in fact posses very powerfull non-lethal magic which means she ALWAYS have the option of beting the living daylights out of her opponents without any fear of killing them. FORCE is interesting in the sense that the Huckebein are able to survive and counter non-lethal methods almost effortlessly which have stripped Nanoha and the cast from such a solution (such theory is about to be put on trial a the end of the month when Signum attempts to "capture" Cypha when the latter had explicity stated that one must be ready to kill or die in order to fight her).

So far F/SN have no reasonable way to strip Nanoha of her natural advantage, even the Saber-class anti-magic have it's limits compared with Eclipse and AMF, probably it's high magical defenses could give effective protection against Divine Shooter and good Divine Buster resillence but i doubt it can protect too well against beasts like Excellion Buster or Strike Stars Assault, not to mention Starlight Breaker (Noble Phantasm xD?). If Kotomine wants to break Nanoha's ideals he will must work on a way to force her to commit murder which will be a bit difficult since she can fire ciity-busting attacks that totally devastates people without actually killing them xDU
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