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@Mueti: I rather like the feeling... I remember the first time I attended one of my (then future) wife's family gatherings. There were a few other whites there but 3 versus 30+ japanese-americans was kind of funny (look, I can see over the whole room....)

The first real smack of that feeling was about 25 years ago on Grant Street in San Francisco early one morning during the "not-tourist" season. My wife and I were shopping, the street was filled with asians (morning market). I was literally the *only* white person in visual range (several blocks in any direction) and a head taller than anyone else.

I caught a lot of curious looks, everyone was very nice, not a problem - but it was definitely that "you've just landed on Tau Ceti 5 and you're the only earthboy in sight" kind of sensation. I think all white people should experience it.
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