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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
Actually, of all the Western countries, the U.S. is probably the most insular in its view of other countries. American news sources only pay large amounts of attention to the Middle East and Mexico because those countries directly affect Americans either in terms of war and security, or immigration issues.

Japan has had a fascination with the U.S. and American culture since the time of Perry. For example, baseball was popularized in Japan in the late 19th century, and it remains one of Japan's favorite sports. As for fashion, there are entire stores in Japan that (presumably) sell nothing but "American"-style clothing. This trend extends to music, movies, and language as well.

This isn't unique to the U.S. either. In the past, Japan used to strongly emulate Imperial China (obviously where kanji comes from), and Imperial Britain and Prussia (schoolgirl sailor uniforms are modeled after Royal Navy designs, and schoolboy uniforms are modeled after Prussian Army designs).
well it's expected that the united states or any country is going to be more interested in other countries that directly affect them. but i was just trying to say it's not odd for people to be constantly thinking about what's happening in other countries. i'm guessing the the issues in other east asian countries probably affect japan pretty directly anyway (but that is just a guess).

hmm so what's up with that that other-nation japanese fascination then? it seems real peculiar to me but i don't even know if i fully understand it. i'm sure after ww2 with all those imposed policies there was a lot of american influence on japan but it's one thing to be into baseball and hamburgers and another thing to want to wear some other nation's flag and have your super sayan characters blond haired and blue eyed. also, all countries like american goods but it seems like the general trend with other developed countries is to turn their nose up to america... especially ones like japan with an older culture and higher living standard.
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