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Originally Posted by rocket View Post
You know I've decided there's hope for Sayaka after all... but I think it belongs in the speculation thread.

My argument about why Sayaka is not as doomed as everyone thinks she is!
Haha, just accept it already... you might not cry as hard if you prepare yourself for it. As for myself, I'm still gonna shed some manly tears even though I know it's coming...

Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
A crestfallen and devastated Sayaka withdraws into passive mode and eventually turns into a witch due to auto-corruption.
Hell, corruption could even be rapid if that was the case.

Originally Posted by HitoriTomoyo View Post
If everything were to be taken away from Madoka before she even initiates a contract with Kyuubey, wouldn't that open up room for a theory that

If this happens I hope she instantly vaporizes Kyuubey and ends the horrible game.
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